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Slide Slow of 3D printed objects.

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why 3d printed  objects are  the Future of Housing

3d Printed objects importance  had impact huge number of population over the whole world. Different Manufacturing materials used in  useful 3d printed objects consist – concrete, synthetic stone, plastics, even chocolate and cheese. We can use 3D printing in our daily life from food , buildings , body parts, which  just may change our lives forever. The barriers to science are practically all disposable and can be worked through—the possibilities are endless.

How will useful 3d printed objects impact our future

  1. Body Parts/Prosthetics – in 3d printed objects 
  2. Clothing  in 3d printed objects
  3. Musical Instruments -in 3d printed objects
  4. Food in 3d printed objects
  5. Future 3d printed objects
  6. Housing in 3d printed objects


@kamal raj aryal

Most useful Incredible 3D Printed Objects which we can see all over the world are listed below:-

3d printing

1.Body Parts/Prosthetics– in 3d printed object


With more development and refinement, Gleghorn’s microfluidic system could someday be utilized to grow blood vessels for tissue and organ transplantation into humans. Three dimensional printed device scientists have discovered a magical gel  substance to produce different body parts such as :- ears, kidneys, blood vessels, skin, and bones. various 3d printed Scientists are still on making body fragments or prosthetic or hope we will get 3D printing object in our home soon.

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3D plastic printers have become a game changer for 21 century to make artificial organs for humans. With in few days 3D printed devices can produce artificial organs and other major body parts like heart ,lungs,hands, legs and eyes etc . A USA Youth citizen Easton LaChappelle  had offer a prosthetic parts for his Friends. He may be a mentor for us who  provide a number of resources to construct prosthetic Limbs.This student has been working to produce medical helps for years can let them see the vision into reality of legos and fishing line.

You have no doubt seen the headlines flash across your television or computer screen — companies are now creating on-demand products in real-time thanks to innovations in the 3D printing space. Since 2014 or so, clothing companies, jewelers, and manufacturers have experimented with creating things like jewelry, shoes, and t-shirts from 3D printing methods.

2.Clothing– in 3d printed objects 

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                                  Clothing in 3d printed object

More Clothing with 3D printed  isn’t being a favorite for us but within a couple of years we can see various changes in fashion with help of 3d printing device . It can be made to fit in our body with different shapes and sizes just like a glove.

In 21st century 3D printed shoes are also getting more fashionable where some of the latest in fashion trends till days may hampers. Famous Designer Pauline Van Dongen formed on of her designed shoes with laser sintered nylon.

3.Musical Instruments in 3d Printed  objects

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3D Music

                       3D Music object

3d printed musical instrument to high quality sound producing  instrument will be found in our homes. The world’s first 3D printed acoustic guitar was created by Scott Summit . They continue to grow in complexity. Plastic or metal are the primary components of the uniquely customization guitars made by 3D printing . 

4.Food in 3d printed objects

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3d printed food

                          3d printed object

We have recently reached that from cornell university had developed a printer which took information on different perspectives and produce cookies that all look the same and can uniquely composition based on each individual requirement.Above in future we can create every potential food and ingredients for us by the help of 3D printing. 

5.Useful 3d printed objects Future

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3d future

                         3d future


The most accessible use of 3D printing object seems at personal in libraries , public , homes , companies and organizations etc . However as we all know that possibilities of 3d printing are vast and unlimited in our future world . Many industrial leader said that within some years 3D printing will transform entirely industries over the world. 

Housing in 3d printing technology

The Chinese company WinSun was the first to build a 3D printed house, and in 2013 it was able to print 10 houses in a period of 24 hours. These homes required human assemblage, given that their walls were printed at a plant to be transported to the respective sites. The San Francisco startup company Apis Core successfully built a residence of this nature as their final domain in a single day in the year 2018, the process was worth around $10,000 USD. Dubai, on the other hand, has created a plan for a fourth of the new buildings in the city to be 3D printed by 2025. This initiative was created to promote the United Arab Emirates and Dubai as its technological center for 3D printing. The city is striving to become the world leader in 3D printing for civil construction.

How to use a 3D printing service

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3D printing service is most easy to use when it comes in our home.Mainly the three steps to use is uploading the cad files , specify your requirements and at last get an instant quote .

The things of 3D printed material are slowly coming into your living space . Trending 3d printed house was apparently built just  within 24 hours. which cost approximately $10,000.


Although we are still years away from being able to reliably create new body prosthetics and organs from 3D printers, the technology will continue to revolutionize how doctors and surgeons treat their patients.
3D printing will also have a huge effect on industries outside of the medical sphere too. It’s interesting to think that so many of the things we need — whether a shirt, vehicle, or brand new organ, will eventually be created via 3D printers.

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