List of Best Restaurant in Kathmandu or Nepal for Your Good time .


When it comes to momo and pizza, Nepal offers a variety of options that cater to different tastes and preferences. While the concept of “best” can vary from person to person, here are a few highly recommended restaurants in Nepal that are known for their delicious momo and pizza:



  1. Krishnarpan Restaurant :  Located at the Dwarika’s Hotel, this restaurant offers a fine dining experience with traditional Nepali cuisine. It’s known for its elegant setting and authentic flavors.
  2. Bhojan Griha: This is another restaurant that specializes in traditional Nepali cuisine. The ambiance is designed to reflect the rich cultural heritage of Nepal, making it a unique dining experience.
  3. Fire and Ice Pizzeria: If you’re in the mood for pizza, Fire and Ice is a well-loved spot in Thamel, Kathmandu’s tourist district. They offer a variety of pizzas and have a cozy atmosphere.
  4. OR2K: Known for its vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu, OR2K is a popular restaurant in Thamel. It serves Middle Eastern and Mediterranean-inspired dishes and has a relaxed, hippie-style atmosphere.
  5. Le Sherpa: This restaurant is known for its French and European cuisine. It’s located in Lazimpat and offers a cozy, rustic setting.
  6. Northfield Café: A popular spot for breakfast and brunch, Northfield Café in Lazimpat is known for its diverse menu, including international and Nepali dishes.
  7. Pho 99: If you’re craving Vietnamese cuisine, Pho 99 in Thamel is a recommended choice. They serve authentic Vietnamese dishes, including pho and spring rolls.
  8. Newa Momo: Momo, a type of dumpling, is a popular snack in Nepal. Newa Momo in Durbar Marg is known for its delicious momos, with various fillings and dipping sauces.
  9. Roadhouse Café: Another good option for pizza lovers, Roadhouse Café offers a variety of pizza and pasta dishes. It has a casual and welcoming atmosphere.
  10. The Old House Restaurant: Located in Durbar Square, this restaurant is known for its historic ambiance and serves a mix of Nepali, Indian, and continental dishes.
  11. The Ship Restaurant and Bar (Pokhara):

    The Ship Restaurant and Bar, situated in Pokhara, is renowned for its diverse menu that includes both momo and pizza. They offer a range of momo flavors, including chicken, buff, and vegetarian options, all cooked to perfection. Their pizzas are known for their generous toppings and flavorsome combinations.

  12. Rosemary Kitchen & Coffee Shop (Pokhara):

    Rosemary Kitchen & Coffee Shop, located in Pokhara, is known for its delectable momo and pizza options. They serve a wide variety of momo, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, with fillings ranging from classic chicken to innovative cheese and spinach. Their wood-fired pizzas with fresh ingredients and thin crusts are also highly recommended.

  13. Bota Simply Momo (Kathmandu):

    Bota Simply Momo is a popular momo joint located in Kathmandu. They specialize in serving a wide range of momo varieties, including traditional steamed momo, fried momo, jhol momo (served in a flavorful soup), and more. The restaurant is known for its high-quality ingredients, authentic flavors, and consistent taste.



It’s worth noting that taste preferences can vary, and these are just a few recommendations among many excellent momo and pizza restaurants in Nepal. It’s always a good idea to explore local recommendations, ask for personal suggestions, and try different places to find the ones that match your taste buds


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