Blogging Guide In Nepal -Step by step


Blogging is an informational website where various writers or groups of writers share their idea, views on the internet in some individual subject.

Blogging guide in Nepal

Blogging Guide in Nepal

Step 1: Define your blogging purpose:-Before jumping in blogging just ask yourself why you are going to create a blog .For which purpose  you are writing your blog like some of the purpose is writing for money which helps them to earn extra more in their life. , for generating leads for businesses, for business  customer traffic likewise they also sell there own digital products.

Step 2: Do your research before starting writing:-The most time consuming part is obviously the content creation part . Do your basic research regarding your topic. IN which topic you are going to write. What are the things you are going to write in your blog. Which keyword or point you are going to focus. Search within google about your desired blog -what they have written, what new things you are going to write your blog for your in this step you just note down some of the notes regarding your blog. 

Step 3: Choose your post titles wisely :- After writing notes you can decide what you are going to write then give a suitable title for your blog so that your blog looks catchy and seo friendly to reach your blog more readers.Different tools you can use to identify your keyword or title for better understanding about your blog like google keyword planner,google trend,google suggestions and so on.These are the tools i use for my blog for title and keyword research.

Step 4: Write the introduction:-

One of the popular philosopher once said “well begun is half done ”and it’s true when you came to write the introduction of your blog.A good introduction will helps you to write your blog in good pace for your body.This is the method i use in my blog -writing a good introduction will help to better understanding about what you are going to write in your body part.

Step 5: Size does count :- many writer prefer to write short and sweet but it won’t help you in online google search and size will definitely matter.if you won’t believe me just search any article in google search bar and see the first ranking article it is long enough.Approximately writing around 2000 words will give you the best ranking and value for your content and can reach many reader.

Step 6: Learn the basic on-page SEO principles:- Before finalised your content you have to learn the basic on page seo principles .Nowadays people wont read your all content they need content to be scannable.Scannable content consist of heading ,subheading,examples,images and so on.This tips will help your readers understand your content fast and easy.On page seo consist of title,keyword,heading,links,images,speed,url for your post and so one.

Step 7: Beautify your work:-Here your have done almost most of the part of content but your job isn’t finished yet .What you have to do now is beautify your work.Writing a content doest make sense your content is good you need to beautify your content through heading ,subheading,images,italic,bold your main priority words,highlight a point.All these tips will make your content more noticeable more social ,professional and shareable.


Blogging is an indispensable procedure in Digital Marketing users ,Clients, web indexes, social stages, content systems need new substance constantly.

What I depicted above are the main stages I follow each time I compose another post to make my blogging compelling and I trust it will assist you with making the equivalent.

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