Content Writing in Nepal

Content writing in Nepal

Content writing in Nepal is on the rise. An increasing number of people are working as a freelancer in content writing. Content writing simply refers to writing blog posts and articles and summarize what the website is about and what solutions it can offer to viewers. Here, we have mentioned how to be a professional content writer in Nepal.

Types of Content Writing

  • Web Content
  • Blogging 
  • Social Media
  • Journalistic/news writing
  • Creative writing
  • Expert/Industry writing

Skills Every Content Writer Should Have

Content Writers are doing so much these days more than just putting words on paper. Balance of proper research, wordplay, and good knowledge with sound vocabulary and grammar contribute to a good content piece. A good content writer must able to create a unique/original piece. Here, some of the skills are listed that every content writer needs.

  • A solid understanding of SEO and WordPress
  • Strong research skills
  • Adaptability
  • Different writing skills
  • Always being original
  • Language skills
  • Social media handler
  • Better communication skills

Scope of Content Writing in Nepal

Every business in Nepal wants to have an online appearance to share information about their company, product, services, or any other activity. The internet has revolutionized our life as well as our purchasing habits and will continue to do so for many years to come. In Nepal especially, this is a flourishing sector. But rather than running after “what is the scope” as a writer you should focus on what value you can add to a company’s business and therefore “create your own scope” as you go along. There are plenty of opportunities that already exist for content writers. Some of them are:

1. Content Executive

2. Content Writer

3. Content Associate

4. Content Specialist/Strategist

5. Senior Content Associate

6. Content Marketing Manager

7. Content Manager

8. Content Editor

9. SEO Copywriting

10. SEO Copyediting

11. Website Writer

12. Press Release Writer

13. Social Media Writer

14. Advertisement Writer

15. Proofreader

16. Video Content Writer

17.Screenplay Writer and many more

Types of Content Writing Jobs in Nepal

Content writing is a field that has recently grown in Nepal. Content writers are in high demand and about 78% of the increase in the success of content marketers according to CMI.

  • Online Content Writing jobs in Nepal
  • Content Writing for students
  • Part-Time Content Writing Jobs in Nepal
  • Freelance Content Writing Jobs in Nepal

Best sites to get online Content Writing jobs in Nepal


Flexjobs works with the single goal of making your job as flexible as your life. They have job listings in 55 career categories, which can be part-time or full-time and at entry or executive level.


Upwork is a single stop for all kinds of writing jobs. This includes developers, marketers, researchers, web design, and information security. And of course, freelance writing.


iWriter is one of the most accessible places to find online writing jobs. Currently, you sign in and have to do a small test, then you pick articles and start writing once you pass the test.


BloggingPro is mostly for bloggers. On this site, you can blog about almost anything. Here several employers are looking for people who can write on an array of subjects. is a job board offering over 100 different types of job listings. You can get work in three steps: browse jobs matching your skills, apply for the job, and get hired. is the largest and most viewed journalism job resource. Most of the top news companies use this site.

Genuine Jobs:

Genuine Jobs is one of the most accessible websites to use. On their homepage just click ‘apply now.’ You’ll get to a landing page that lists all the freelance jobs on the job board.

Freelance is another job board listing different open writing job opportunities. Jobs on this board are researched and handpicked from other popular sites.


On Textbroker, you’ll start with free registration and verification of your U.S. citizenship. Then you’ll submit a writing sample, which will be used to give you a writer rating. After that, you can proceed to complete your author profile and start writing for clients.

Simply hired:

Simply hired is a job board listing more than 900 official occupations in the United States. You can also find jobs in 24 other countries and in 12 different languages.

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