Yatri Motorcycles First Electric Bike in Nepal .See what new in Nepali Yatri Team with their Motorcycles.!

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On December 21

Introduction  to Yatri Electric Bike in Nepal

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First Electric bike in Nepal Yatri MotorCycle as they unveil their first electric motorbike.Founder Asim pandey graduated from delft University of Technology in the Netherlands with car developer Donkervoort.we will discuss different process,challenges,problems and potential of developing this bike by ashim pandey and his four team engineers.

yatri nepali Electric bike

They have collaborated with different countries for mechanical parts but most of the small spare parts are designed by their team in Nepal.

It’s great news someone nepali people are creating new ways of transportation vehicles in our market . The great yatri team has already announced the first electric bike in nepal with project zero.This electric bike can go 120 km per hour as a top speed and they had embed a short display application called yatri Hub  app in it to track speed Gps and many mores.

Yatri Electric Bike Introduction

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Yatri Design Studio will launch fifty motorcycles in their first phase and price of this bike is not public yet .After this policy issue is resolved, we will provide the motorcycle at the lowest possible cost, ”he said.

The battery on this thing is nothing short of impressive as well. Upon a full charge (which will take 2 hours or more), Project Zero can last for 230km. According to the company, a full charge under alternate current (AC) will cost you around NRs. 70.Yatri is really awesome lightweight,safe , carbon fiber used rather than metal said by Ashim pandey.

Can I buy Electric Bike In Nepal now?

yatri interview
yatri interview
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Unfortunately not yet. Yatri hasn’t yet revealed what Project Zero will cost but has said that test rides will be open come March 2020. In the congested and inconsistent roads of Nepal, Yatri’s Project Zero looks to provide a premium riding experience, with something to show for environmental protection too.

However ,Saurav Jyoti founder of jyoti group had already announced that they had already booked  yatri motorcycle in 25 december Thursday in the event of public Motorcycle.Which really increase the enthusiasm of yatri team.






Yatri Motorcycles 

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