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You may have seen many posts regarding ranking your website in google search engine and I know you haven’t done it that’s why you are seeking for tips to rank. Just hold your breathe and sit tight we are not going to bore you with same articles you have read in earlier days.

So without wasting your time let’s jump into the major section that we need to focus while ranking your websites.


SEO In Nepal

What is SEO and How can we rank in Nepal

SEO refers to the Search Engine Optimization which is long term process to optimize your website in such a way that it will rank on the first page on google. It include various things need to do. Basically SEO is categories into three different portion.

  1. TECHNICAL SEO:- List of the task to be done in technical seo part are listed below:-
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Robot.txt file Submission
  • Google search console and Analytics setup

2. ON-PAGE SEO:- On page is a type of optimization in which you will create website search engine friendly which include some of works like

  • Keyword Research
  • Heading Optimize
  • URL Optimize
  • Image and Content Optimize
  • Meta description

3. OFF – PAGE SEO:- Off page optimization will help you to bring traffic, increase your business digital presence, Link building to other same niche site, Creating Backlink for website, Ranking your website for targeted keywords.

If you feel SEO little bit interesting here are the few thing you can do in order rank you website on the top of the google SERP page.

1. Set your Permalinks

Permalinks are the slug or url of pages and post your site.Try to keep your permalinks easy and short for user.

2. Create a sitemap for your website

For indexing your website you have  to generate the required xml sitemaps format and submit it using webmaster or google search console tools.Google bots are always looking for sitemaps to crawl the pages.

3. Use Google Analytics

If you have made your site in wordpress you can simply activate the plugin named Monster Insight for reporting. By Using Monster Insight you can see daily report,unique visitors,session time,which pages are reading by visitors.You can also use premium version to get more features in it.

4. Use search engine optimized themes

Different search engine themes you can use in your websites to get rank fast and easy.some easy implemented themes are listed in the link below.

5. Optimize your media

Different images and links should be optimized for onpage seo which helps to crawl your websites.Some terms in media are alt text categories caption and so on.

7. Make your content Shareable

Social shareable plugins are free to use and remember you should submit your article blog to share your content in social media You can   use different url submission websites to gain traffic in your site.

8. Using Links and Anchor Text Correctly

Google bots are always looking for links like internal outbound external and so on.So you have to embed different types of links in your post to get rank.

What is an anchor text?

Anchor text is a type of text which allow user to redirect somewhere whenever anyone click their.We use anchor tag to create anchor text such as <a>this is achor link</a>

9. Producing High-Quality Written Content

Content is king all we know that so keeping rank your website in search engine your content should be high quality.High quality refers

  • Duplicate content 
  • Internal and external links in content
  • Formatting and structure of content
  • Trending topic 
  • Traffic generated content 

10. Using Correct Heading Tags

Heading tag always looking by bots to identify what the content is about.So highlight the content with h1 tag to tell some details about your websites.


By using these major factor you can uprank your websites for  traffic generation , indexing .Remember these factors are basic implementation for your website either for new or existing post.Install yoast plugin for onpage search engine optimization which tells you about meta title,meta description ,slug ,url ,alt, headings ,links and many mores

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