SEO Trend in Nepal 2022

SEO (Search engine optimization) is simply the practice of ranking websites on the top of search engines such as Google when people search for product or services. As the digital world changes, so does the Search Engine Optimization with its new trends and technologies. 


Bert update

  • Bert is only the fraction of algorithm.
  • It focus on optimizing for your users and their needs.

Relevant Content

  • Understand who your audience is and how they search.
  • Give them solutions or answers in the formats they prefer via on point, quality and authoritative content.
  • Update the content in every stage to create satisfactory experience that serves their need again and again.

Mobile indexing

  • Google predominantly uses the mobile version of content for indexing and ranking.
  • Make sure that your mobile and desktop sites have the same structured data.


  • Google will continue to look at the overall reputation and E-A-T(Expertise , Authoritativeness , Trustworthiness).

Voice research

  • Process of optimizing pages to appear in voice search.
  • Use conversational language for content to optimize voice search.
  • Target long tail keyword phrases.
  • Improve loading time of your website.
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