Social Media Marketing Agency in Nepal (SMMA)?

social media marketinga agency in nepal

Social media marketing agency majorly focuses on getting your company/product/service to get in front of people and generate leads, via Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

A good social media agency should help you:

  1. Benchmark your search rank, social reputation, Web traffic, etc.

against your competitors

  1. Create, validate, optimize, and/or refine your social

marketing strategy to fit your business goals

  1. Create and publish quality content with high keyword density to

place higher in search results

  1. Mesh content, web design, and social media channels to create a

hub for your clients, prospects, partners, etc.

  1. Measure progress against your business goals

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social media marketing is all about interacting and connecting with your audience to help them recognize your business/products/services better.

Prevailing Scenario of Social Media Marketing in Nepal

The growth of Social Media platforms in Nepal has made social media marketing enormously effective and result-oriented to market your business and connect with your potential customers.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing, where both businesses and customers couldn’t have two-way interaction. But, now, with the advent of Social Media, Marketing agencies use these platforms to help businesses become closer to their audience than ever before.

Various businesses in Nepal like clothing, handicrafts, accessories, along with many others are exclusively using social media to market their brand and are active in general on Facebook and Instagram

Especially in Nepal, Facebook comes first in people’s minds when talked about social media. However, the growing popularity of Tik Tok and Instagram among the younger generation and adults cannot be ignored.

To Conclude

In the present context, Nepalese people are interested in Facebook Marketing along with a few on Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Email Marketing, and affiliate marketing. Some startup and creative brands are using different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. for creating a strong customer base.

Getting any new or existing business on social media platforms has become a necessity more than ever before. As of January 2020, increasing internet penetration in Nepal is up to 35% with the number going up every day.  So, get up and put your businesses and brands on digital platforms or you can take help from good social media agency.

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