Top 10 Things to add to your Winter Wardrobe

Winter Wardrobe

Winters have arrived in almost every part of this blue planet, from India to the UK and from China to the Middle East. The scale of temperature also depends on the landscape as mountainous regions encounter snowfall. People are fighting with the cold weather by wearing relevant winter outfits and we are one of them.

Wearing winter clothes is extremely necessary to combat harsh and cold weather but it doesn’t mean sacrificing fashion. If you haven’t done shopping for winter outfits this year, it’s time to upgrade your winter wardrobe. Before hitting the road to the store or start choosing winter outfits online, make sure to invest in the best and worthy clothing.

Look for the latest and trendy winter outfits and create a list and shop accordingly. The outfit requirement may differ according to the local weather. I have done good research and created this list of top 10 things to add to the winter wardrobe this New Year.

1.Skinny Jeans

Jeans are one of those few outfits which can be worn throughout the year except if the weather is too hot and you are sweating a lot, then wearing skinny jeans may cause itching. You can skip the skinny ones and go with the regular ones for better comfort and convenience.

Skinny jeans may make you feel uncomfortable during summers but when it comes to winters, no dress other than jeans capable of keeping you warm as well as going with most of your winter outfits. You can team your favorite skinny jeans with almost every of your footwear including flats, pumps, heels, shoes, sandals, etc.

2.Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere clothes are one of my personal favorites when it comes to winter outfits and if you don’t own a couple of them, you must buy a few these winters. The best thing about cashmere products is that they don’t feel heavy compared to the woolen ones at the same time provide more warmth.

A pure cashmere sweater is soft and extremely skin-friendly. You can team it best with skinny jeans and boots and can also pair it with a collared shirt, leather pants, denim jackets, coats, midi skirts, and more. 

3.Knitted Jumper

If you are fond of wearing jumpers and want to carry on with these outfits in winters too without feeling cold, the knitted jumpers would help you do the same in a more comfortable and convenient way. If there isn’t too much cold outside and you are capable of showing a little of your beautiful legs, then wearing a knitted jumper would be the best idea.

4.Turtleneck Top

A quality turtleneck top keeps you warm at the same time fashionable during the whole winter. It also makes your neck look great and snug too. The best part about the turtleneck tops is that they can be easily paired with a lot of other winter dresses such as coats, sweaters, shirt dresses, wrap dresses, jeans, trousers, etc.


5.Statement Winter Coat

Keeping the frost and cold weather at bay must be the main priority of yours, but that simply doesn’t mean to be done in the dullness. A statement coat could be your first buy of this season and you must go with the best one. When it comes to winter coats, the styles are many including puffer, trench, wrap, military, parka, chesterfield, pea, cocoon, and the list goes on.

You can choose from those options available and fight the frost in style. Coats are one of the staple winter outfits and if you don’t have one, make sure to add a couple of quality winter coats to your wardrobe this year.

6.Tailored Trouser

Whenever we talk about wardrobe staples, the trousers always make their place on the list. Whether its summer, winter, or spring, no matter what the weather is, a quality trouser can be worn in any season stylishly. You can go with the peg styled or slim fit trouser this winter and elegantly team it with most of the other winter outfits.


7.Knee Boots

Knee boots not only keep your leg warm during winters, but it also compliments the paired outfits. Boots over the knee are warm and chic at the same time. Team it with jumpers and jeans to get the best casual look in the daytime and glammed up at night by pairing it with a mini dress or skirt.

8.Blanket Scarf

Is there’s enough cold outside and thus you don’t want to step out?

Hit the streets in more style even the atmosphere is frosty with your trendy winter clothes and do not forget to wrap a blanket scarf. A quality blanket scarf is one of the most effortless and chic winter accessories to be carried with style. You can wear it in multiple styles such as just throwing it carelessly or wrapping around many times.


9.Leather Jacket

Every winter wardrobe consists of one or multiple leather jackets and if yours doesn’t, it’s time to buy one this New Year. A quality leather jacket has the power to add coolness and edge to any winter outfit instantly. It can be easily tossed over your favorite tee and jeans to provide a decent weekend look.

Leather jackets can also make your night look chic and elegant if paired with the right dresses such as pants and a blouse. These jackets are capable of transforming any of your winter cloth from drab to fab in no time.

10.The Beret

Switch your winter cap with a quality beret this time. The berets not only provide you shelter from cold, but it also adds a personal style of touch to the rest of your winter outfits. The best thing about berets is that they will suit most of the winter outfits, hairstyles and are one of the best candidates to be added to your winter wardrobe.


Bottom Line:

Don’t compromise with your style these winters and the same can be possible by investing in the best styled, trendy, and relevant winter clothes. We include new outfits in our wardrobe every time according to the weather and the latest trends. These winters make sure to upgrade your wardrobe with a couple of the top winter outfits and accessories and this list will surely help you in doing the same.

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