Work from home in Nepal During Covid- Freelancer Jobs | Online Jobs List

We all hate the job of 9 -5 and we are always seeking to do work either for ease of money earning, Time  flexibility schedule, or for passive income. So today we are counting down the list of jobs you can do by staying online or from a remote area. 

List of Jobs

  •  Photographer
  •  Graphic Designer
  •  Social Media Manager
  • Blogger
  • App Developer
  • Programmer
  • Content writer


Freelancer in Nepal

1.Photographer :- If we are a social media user we all love photography, there are lots of people around us who love to click photos when they are having lunch, while travelling. But there are few people who know that they can make money from it by selling their clicked  photos online. There are many photo selling apps online where you can upload your photos and set a certain amount for it ,when any third person is interested in your photo they will contact you for  a deal. This is the easy and fast freelancing job you can take for your passive income.


2.Graphic Designer :- Graphic Designer refers to those who create posters which you can see online either in advertising, social media. Taking this profession is also very creative in nature and can generate a great amount of money for you. But before that you have to be prepared for some skills like photoshop, logo design, illustrator like that. After having these skills you wouldn’t have any problem working on it.


3.Social Media Manager :- Most of the people are also getting interested in the social media profession also but it’s not like you using your Facebook account just for fun in your home  like that. You have various responsibilities that come with money also. Handling business page ,creating community, getting involved in online communities and many other tasks will be included. But after working on it you will be familiar with your task easily. .So don’t miss the chance to be a freelancer in the social media manager profession.


4.Blogger :- Blogger is the most popular freelancing job and you will have lots of fun while doing this job. If you are passionate about writing about the things you like then it is the perfect profession for you. You can learn other skill like SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Writing when you start it. When  you generate certain amount of traffic then you can apply for google AdSense or sell your own product both will generate really good amount of money for you. If you want a blogging guide for you to start your own then you will find this post useful.


5.App Developer:- We all have mobile phones in our hands, it’s a really good idea to create an app for the problem you want to solve in your Society. Creating a mobile app is not that too hard if you think it is. Just you need some knowledge of  programming languages like java, android, flutter and so on.


6.Programmer :- Programmers are those who write programs for the software’s ,it is also a popular profession to get in the world of freelancing. If you want to learn how the software is created it is the perfect job for you. Before that you have to get knowledge of various frontend and backend language and machine language like JavaScript, Php, WordPress and so on.


 8.Content Writer :- Writing content either for an individual for an organization can make enough money for you. All we know is that content is king nowadays, if you have the creativity to create content which may be liked by many audiences then you are the king of the market. As a content writer you can charge price on the basis or  words you have written. This includes writing content for Website, Blogs, Social media posters and many other things.

9.SEO/SEM :- SEO refers to the Search engine optimization, we all want to stay ahead of our competitors so this job related to ranking your website at the top position of google. With the evolving nature or advancement of technology we are search if we want to learn something or we are seeking for something or someone, then google comes first in our mind. This belongs to ranking your business at the top of google search engine. And on the other hand SEM refers to the Search engine marketing where you will handle the online advertisements like google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads and many other platforms which offer advertising features for marketing.


In the world of huge competition you must know the major skills that you can have .And monetize that skill to earn your extra income. These are the top list of freelancing jobs  you can do for your passive  income. Choose the best fit for you and start working on it. And let me know which one you like the most.







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  1. बहुत अच्छा है 👍👍
    मेरे ब्लॉग पर आयें और कमेंट दें
    आज विश्वामित्र सीरीज़ की आखिरी पोस्ट प्रकाशित कर रही हूं । अभी तक उनके जीवन के हर पहलू पर मैंने खुलकर लिखा है उनके विराट एवं सौम्य व्यक्तित्व के रोमांचक रहस्य को अपनी ब्लॉग पोस्ट में उल्लिखित किया तथा अंत में राम को सर्वश्रेष्ठ बनाने में उनके अद्भुत और अद्वितीय योगदान को विशेषतः वर्णित किया है । मुझे विश्वास है ये जानकारियां आपकी आंखें खोल देगी ।
    मैंने बहुत शोध के बाद इसका लेखन किया है ताकि एक ऐसे ऋषि की जीवनी आप तक पहुंचे जिन्हें जानते तो सब हैं परन्तु उनकी विशालता से अनभिज्ञ हैं ।
    मैं जहां तक समझी हूं लोग विश्वामित्र को केवल मेनका (अप्सरा) के प्रेम प्रसंग की वजह से ही जानते हैं दूसरे राम को यज्ञ रक्षा के लिये लेजाने के कारण ही जानते हैं परन्तु इसके पीछे का सच शायद ही किसी को पता हो । इसीलिए उनके सत्य को मैंने अपनी लेखनी के ज़रिये आप तक पहुंचाया है।
    आप मेरी मेहनत को सफल बनायें , मेरे ब्लॉग को सब्सक्राइब शेयर और कमेंट करके

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